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Comedy speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann thrills an international audience

  • Your event it taking place with an international audience? No problem! Dr. Wegmann gives his keynote presentations in English just as skillfully as he does in German and often speaks in front of people from all over the world.

    In so doing he is, of course, aware of the core issues of an international corporate event: the language must be kept at a level that can be generally understood for an audience made up of people from a whole variety of nations. It is just as important to take into account the different types of humor. Thanks to his many decades of experience in the field of corporate events, it is also an everyday situation for Dr. Wegmann as well as being his bread and butter. You can see: Dr. Jens Wegmann offers excellent conditions to create an individual and professional highlight at your event!

  • In the course of our Global Business Conference with the managing directors from our subsidiaries from all over the world we had invited “Dr. Jens Wegmann“ as a guest speaker. He impressed everybody with a performance that had been strongly focused on our company. With his speech given in English he captured the joint humor of all those attending going beyond the cultural boundaries and caused great hilarity. This really entertaining interlude ensured a particularly relaxed atmosphere in dealing with each other and an especially positive continuation of the conference. We’d like to thank you for that.
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Zest, motivation and fun for the international meeting

Whether it’s an international managers’ meeting or an international congress: by booking Dr. Wegmann you’ll have chosen the right speaker for your guests from all over the world. His speech crosses borders and makes people from very different cultures laugh. There is nothing more important than laughing wholeheartedly together than sharing a joint experience. In this respect the speech by Dr. Wegmann is also an excellent team-building measure. If you make the effort to bring your international staff all the way to Germany, then you should offer them something special. An excellent opportunity to show that the Germans aren’t as humorless as people often think.

Here are some comments by customers on the keynote presentations in English:

  • We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you once again for the dinner speech you gave in English during our Talent Conference in Berlin. You presented the topic of “Renewable energies in energy supply” in a humorous and yet professional way from a completely different angle. Judging by the feedback we received from numerous guests it became clear that your combination of excellently researched facts and humorous criticism hit the famous “nail on the head”.
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  • We had invited Dr. Wegmann as a guest speaker to our kick-off meeting in the Sheraton Airport Hotel Frankfurt. As the last point on our agenda the speech lightened up the mood at just at the right time and was the perfect finish to our event. All employees enjoyed the performance and so were able to gather enough motivation and drive for the tasks facing them in the coming year. Dr. Wegmann got the entire audience involved, one punch line followed the next and many surprises were guaranteed. Since the speech was held in English , all our employees who mostly don’t come from a German-speaking area were able to understand the contents and have good laugh. Judging by the evaluations of the feedback forms, the employees found the kick-off meeting a great success, not least due to your contribution. The comedy speech was praised and mentioned time and again.
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Employees of LHS (evaluation above) while listening to Dr. Wegmann's presentation

  • In the name of Johnsons Controls GmbH I would like to thank you for the successful speech you gave in English in front of over 300 participants at this year’s Plant Manager Conference in Bad Neuenahr. After the participants had listened to serious keynote presentations for two and a half days on the most varied of subjects, your comedy speech initially caused some irritation, but then great amusement. Particularly the fact that you gave your speech individually tailor-made for our company with background information on people and programs of Johnson Controls received many positive comments afterwards. It was clear to see that the participants were grateful for the break and that the following speakers even refrained from giving their planned, serious presentations and in part improvised so as not to ruin the relaxed atmosphere.
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  • During our annual global Marketing and Sales Meetings we invited Dr. Jens Wegmann as a closing speaker. After a few minutes he had the audience firmly under his spell. Seldom has the global Marketing & Sales Team from Miltenyi Biotec laughed so heartily. The 30 minutes will remain unforgettable – a successful mixture of comedy, performance but also topics worth consideration between the lines. A performance prepared in English and impressively close to the heart of the company, Dr. Wegmann paved the way for a harmonious evening with a positive atmosphere. The feedback was positive without exception and still today there is the odd internal “running gag” doing the rounds.
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  • I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you once again for the amusing and entertaining speech in Kalkar. Your explanations on the topic of transfer optimization really made my colleagues and me laugh after a strenuous workday. The performance given in English was particularly well received by the foreign staff that found it really humorous. The well-coordinated contribution for our company requirements acted like an icebreaker and contributed essentially to the subsequent evening program being a success. Many thanks and all the best for the future.
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