• Your conference will be a success with speaker Dr. Wegmann

    Each conference really needs a speaker like Dr. Wegmann. Somebody who spreads his good mood and captivates the audience. He is only supposedly a “real" expert since it quickly becomes apparent what his speech really is: motivation, positive energy and enjoyment for your staff.

    Dr. Wegmann is a cabaret artist who slips into the role of an expert to surprise the audience and in this way to bring enthusiasm and zest into your conference. Since these ingredients will make sure that the conference is remembered by the participants for a long time to come. Your staff will tackle the future challenges with great zest.

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  • We’d like to thank you once again for your “specialist lecture“ on the topic of customer satisfaction on the occasion of our conference in Mainz. In spite of the strenuous conference you managed to captivate and thrill the participants in the evening. In particular integrating our managers in your presentation made sure our abdominal muscles got extra training.
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An "Expert" for your conference

When this speaker enters the stage, the audience has no idea yet what they will be experiencing in the next half hour. Quite the contrary, the expectations of this expert are more on the negative side since this speech is announced with a complicated title. Yet it doesn’t take long for the participants to notice: this conference is different. Because Dr. Wegmann takes them on a humorous journey through the industry. The initial confusion turns into smirks, smirks become hearty laughter.

Fun and motivation four your conference participants

Dr. Wegmann gets to the root of your company and competitors. He finds entertaining truths that he presents with a wink. He gives the participants chance to get their breath back before going on to the important contents of the speech. He shakes the audience awake and makes sure he gets their undivided attention. Since it doesn’t take long for him to captivate the audience. The participants at your conference will thank you for this great idea that makes a change from the usual supplementary keynote presentations by sportspeople and adventurers. When the feedback forms have been filled in at the end of the conference, you’ll see once again: Dr. Wegmann was the absolute highlight of the conference.

The audience is hooked

There are different points within a conference where you could use Dr. Wegmann. At the beginning of the conference he’ll ensure a surprising start and a positive mood right from the very beginning. After lunch he’ll get the participants going again. At the end of the daily program it will be a farewell full of motivation or a successful bridge between the serious daily agenda and an exhilarating evening. In the evening program he’ll ensure a boisterous atmosphere, promising the best motivation for the next day. Wherever you wish to use Dr. Wegmann – your conference will simply be up one notch with him there.

  • We invited Dr. Jens Wegmann as a guest speaker to our Global Business Conference with the managers from our subsidiaries from all over the world. He impressed us with his performance that was perfectly geared to our company. With his speech held in English he also found the joint humor of all those attending crossing the cultural boundaries and ensured great hilarity. This really entertaining interlude made the participants relaxed in their dealings with each other and ensured the conference continued on a particularly positive note.
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