A highlight for your jubilee celebration: speaker Dr. Wegmann

  • As well as official keynote presentations, every jubilee celebration also needs a good share of entertainment making the event amusing and memorable. In so doing the occasion makes particularly high demands on the standard of entertainment. Dr. Wegmann provides entertainment for business events and has already been the cause of hilarious moments between addresses at many jubilees.

    In his speech he addresses the company and the industry, however observes it from a very different angle than the standard speakers before him who all more or less said the same thing using different words. Because Dr. Wegmann makes all the difference.

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  • We would like to take this opportunity to express our warm thanks once again for your performance on the occasion of our 25th company jubilee. Just in the past few days many business friends have come up to me to talk about your speech. The feedback was positive without exception. We will remember our jubilee celebration forever, particularly because of your impressive performance.
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Seems to be another dry speech...

Speaker Dr. Wegmann has the surprise moment on his side when he goes up to the lectern at your jubilee celebration. Since nobody expects a satirical interlude. Yet this speaker gradually turns into a brilliant entertainer who has a tailored speech in the bag. Your guests will start off grinning; then will laugh heartily when the jubilee speaker makes his intelligent observations on the industry. The audience at a jubilee celebration is often very heterogeneous: staff, customers and representatives from public services celebrate your joyful event together. Dr. Wegmann prepares a speech that will captivate all the guests.

Celebratory and entertaining

A jubilee speech by Dr. Wegmann reaches a wide public since at a jubilee celebration there are often employees present from all divisions of the company. It is particularly important that the speech appeals to the management and the board of directors. Dr. Wegmann finds fertile ground here with his intelligent humor. The more experience the audience has with actual speakers, the more likely they are to appreciate the refreshingly different speech by jubilee speaker Dr. Wegmann.

  • With the speech by Dr. Jens Wegmann the Good Vibrations Theater managed to make an essential contribution to the 25-year jubilee of KVD e.V. becoming a success. It wasn’t only the humorous part but also the more detailed components that made this speech so positive and memorable. All participants rated the speech as being one on the highlights of the whole event.
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  • We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks for your very successful performance as “Dr. Jens Wegmann“ at our jubilee celebration. Your performance exceeded our expectations by far. The feedback from our colleagues as well as our guests showed absolute enthusiasm. We can recommend you without any reservations and wish you continued success.
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