An entertaining guest speaker

  • Showing perspectives, working out common ground, honoring success. As different as the demands, topics and orientations of the respective events are, the more comprehensive the task field of a guest speaker is. Dr. Jens Wegmann accepts this challenge in a very special, humorous way.

    Dr. Wegmann puts the entertaining aspect of a guest speech at the center of attention and offers an entertaining program that in our experience represents the atmospheric highlight of the respective event and appeals to the audience on an emotional level. The graduate business economist knows he has the expectations of the audience on his side. Dr. Wegmann namely enters the stage not as an entertainer from the very beginning but has himself introduced as a normal guest speaker who at first appears inconspicuous from a humorous point of view.

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  • We would like to take this opportunity to express our warm thanks once again for your performance on the occasion of our 25th company jubilee. Just in the past few days many business friends have come up to me to talk about your speech. The feedback was positive without exception. We will remember our jubilee celebration forever, particularly because of your impressive performance.
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Event topics and audience become part of the programs

Dr. Wegmann only gradually discloses his identity as an entertainer. Supposed problems with the stage equipment, for example, give the audience their first indications that this Dr. Jens Wegmann can’t just be a normal guest speaker. And until the cover is blown completely the auditorium has long been in the middle of a humorous program, which in turn has special traits. Dr. Wegmann namely presents a program directly tailored to the respective event, offering unique entertainment free of platitudes. Whether it’s a conference, customer event or jubilee celebration – Dr. Wegmann prepares himself for the respective topic of the event and involves the audience in this way in his performance. Important principles from the corporate history or industrial peculiarities in this way become the real subject matter of the program.

Humor at its highest level

Dr. Jens Wegmann offers the audience the possibility of making the role of the guest speaker appear in a very new, namely humorous and enthralling light. As a concluding agenda point, for example, the performance by Dr. Wegmann combines all components to help the respective event reach a memorable finale. When it comes down to giving your own event that certain something in a sophisticated fashion, then there is no way around guest speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann.

  • The speech by "Dr. Wegmann" was the perfect relaxation at the end of our seminar day. Specific aspects of the company were cleverly built into his speech. The participant satisfaction analysis confirms a 100% positive feedback. The comments range from "witty idea - fantastic!" to "super ingenious!" to "brilliantly unexpected surprise". Many thanks for the great teamwork!
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  • I would like to thank you once again for your performance in our company which was very witty and broke the ice. The staff and our management found it really amusing and left for the weekend feeling relaxed and elated. Many thanks and all the best from Stuttgart.
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