• Your event will benefit from Dr. Wegmann

    A speech by speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann is suitable for any events at which the audience is expecting a speaker.

    He gives most keynote presentations at conferences and congresses, but also at jubilees and prize awards are occasions on which a humorous speech on a suitable subject is a welcome highlight on the agenda. In any case Dr. Wegmann produces a tailored speech at the event since only by doing this is success with the audience guaranteed.

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  • The speech by "Dr. Wegmann" was the perfect relaxation at the end of our seminar day. Specific aspects of the company were cleverly built into his speech. The participant satisfaction analysis confirms a 100% positive feedback. The comments range from "witty idea - fantastic!" to "super ingenious!" to "brilliantly unexpected surprise". Many thanks for the great teamwork!
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At a conference there are always times when the attention of the audience is lost. Dr. Wegmann is often engaged after lunch to counter the so-called “soup coma”. The participants at the conference are filled with renewed energy so that they’ll be able to follow the important keynote presentations again with their full attention. But the speech also goes down well as a motivating final point or in the evening program. More on the topic: Speakers for conference


Each congress needs a program point that the congress participants will still remember long after the event. If the specialist keynote presentations are similar every year, a speech by Dr. Wegmann will stand out pleasantly. The topic of the congress is worked out in satirical style and will remain in the minds of the audience for a long time to come. The participants will be pleased about this successful idea the organizer had. More on the topic: Speakers for congresses

Kick-off events

Each year the aim is to motivate the staff and to swear in the corporate goals. Unfortunately, the usual endless presentation of slides themselves are not motivating. Necessary of course but each employee is pleased when it’s over. A speech by Dr. Wegmann in contrast is 100 % motivation for your team. The team will then face the new tasks fully of verve and energy. More on the topic: Speakers for kick-off events

  • Explaining to the sales force in an unusual, witty and entertaining way and in so doing integrating references, tips and new ways of thinking for the sales force, this is a great achievement. We had great fun and our superiors also had fun in their roles. Many thanks - Dr. Wegmann can be recommended for sales events with a big "MUST".
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