Dr. Jens Wegmann - Comedy speaker and comedian

  • A highlight for any event: Business comedian Dr. Jens Wegmann

    Companies and institutions that wish to upgrade their meetings and events with an entertaining highlight are highly recommended to engage the comedian Dr. Wegmann.

    At all types of business events, such as, for example jubilees, meetings and congresses, the comedian guarantees an infectious mood made up of icebreaking enthusiasm, relaxation and cheeky grins about the guiles of day-to-day work.

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  • I would like to thank you once again for your performance in our company which was very witty and broke the ice. The staff and our management found it really amusing and left for the weekend feeling relaxed and elated. Many thanks and all the best from Stuttgart.
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You’ll be just as convinced as the clients have been up to now

Comedian Dr. Jens Wegmann was actually booked by the Who is Who of the German and international economy. In his references all companies are represented that are big names in the fields of international science and business from A as in American Express to F as in Fraunhofer Institut to Z as in Zurich Versicherung. What is so special about this comedian? He becomes attuned with your event and is well informed about the topics, at least for the evening in question. This takes a great deal of preparation, working hard on details but your guests will appreciate this since their reward will be spending the whole evening laughing. The result has such an ease about it that your guests will go along with it and really enjoy themselves in the process!

  • We would like to express our warm thanks for the entertaining evening during our management conference in Osnabrück. The speech by Dr. Jens Wegmann on the topic of “Diverse opportunities in the construction industry – 100% customer satisfaction with the HDKKQM method” initially caused our managers to look horrified, however at the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. You really made our audience laugh out loud. We would like to thank you for this successful and unforgettable evening and wish you continued success with your program in future!
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A speech with surprise effects

The appearance of Dr. Jens Wegmann is announced just like any other that is held at conferences and jubilees. Other than the equipment that is available for all other speakers, nothing more is necessary. Dr. Wegmann takes himself along and that is enough. He guarantees THE highlight for association congresses and other business events since it is rare to find this type of individual entertainment. This is how Dr. Wegmann gets the audience quickly on his side, even if they started off feeling skeptical. A supposed real speaker dressed for the part in his business attire and with a doctor title before his name goes to the lectern, clears his throat and organizes his papers to then take a glance over the rim of his glasses into the audience, some of them trying to hide their yawns. Nobody expects what is to follow. The audience gets ready for a boring speech and Dr. Wegmann seems to confirm their doubts. He awkwardly goes through a topic, with so little panache that people start to assume; something is not quite right here. After a few sentences the cabaret artist really gets into the topic and observes it from the aspect of the best possible humor. Whatever sector you are from, Jens Wegmann seems to find sufficient material on really any subject to make the audience slap their thighs. You will find out more about it when you book the comedian. One thing we can guarantee you: you certainly won’t be bored.

  • You know exactly how to involve the audience, the right timing for the punch line and how to surprise the audience time and time again and to take them off on tangents. Your performance was rated 1.1 which definitely proves it’s not only us who will remember your contribution fondly but our participants too.
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