Dr. Hubert Steinfeld – an excellent alternative

  • In Dr. Hubert Steinfeld the Good Vibrations Theater has a top class alternative to Dr. Jens Wegmann, who can no longer cope with the influx of inquiries anyway. All keynote presentations are written by the author, Jan Ditgen, and the successful presentations by Dr. Steinfeld are in no way inferior to those given by Dr. Wegmann.

  • Demo video Dr. Steinfeld

  • The successful speech given by Dr. Steinfeld made it possible to firmly anchor the generally serious topic of compliance in the memory of our participants in an appealing manner. The feedback for the program point showed that this was the most successful presentation of the whole event
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  • The speech was received very well. The board of directors and managers enjoyed themselves immensely :-)
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  • It was a very successful evening, Dr. Steinfeld skillfully rounded off the program with his speech. We are still getting positive feedback today from our customers – they are still laughing their heads off. Some of them would like to introduce this program to their own businesses in order to maybe get Dr. Steinfeld to give a speech at their own events as well. Once again MANY THANKS to the entire team! It was a great evening with you and highly recommendable!“
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The speech was the crowning glory to our series of keynote presentations and an ideal transition to our evening event.
  • The customer was thrilled. The arrangements beforehand were very simple and pleasant. Would do it again any time.”
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  • With his keen analyses and precise wording Dr. Steinfeld made all the strengths and weaknesses of the project in question transparent. His puns and entire wording skills “brought the house down” on the one hand, yet on the other hand made the audience reflect. On the whole a total success in rounding off our final event.
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